Bayeté Ross Smith
Ejisu GhanaEl Bruc, Catalonia, EspañaSayulita, MexicoKulas Original Ghetto, Warzawa, PolandIglesia, Catalonia, EspañaTemple, Bonwire, GhanaThe Spirit, Bonwire, GhanaEast Oakland, CaliforniaBlackboard, Accra, GhanaDallas, TexasWindow, Warzawa, PolandGateway To The West (of no return)White Walls, Elimina, GhanaArtillery, Cape Coast, Ghana
Glimpses of people and communities, both past and present, through impressions they have left on the spaces they occupy, devoid of a physical human presence. Some spaces are elaborate constructions. Some are fleeting traces. What objects and what symbols occupy that space? I am questioning what that says about humanity in general, as well as the people who inhabit or utilize these specific spaces.