Bayeté Ross Smith
Kaes Lichtveldt, David Rasool: The Netherlands, South AfricaJohn Smith, Pedro Lopez: The United States, CubaFrancois DuBois, Juan Sanchez: France, ColombiaChaiim Cohen, Manute Badha: Israel, SudanRonaldo DeCosta, Assefa Menelik: Brasil, EthiopiaAyali Lopez, Anna DeVries: Cuba, The NetherlandsKaes Jansen, Pedro Molne: The Netherlands, CubaJennifer Johnson, Claudia DaSilva: The United States, BrasilJoe Johnson, Ronaldo DeCosta II: The United States, BrasilRachel Levi, Fatima Ahmed: Israel, SudanElizabeth Williams, Marie Martin: South Africa, FranceMaria Garcia, Abebe Mariam: Colombia, EthiopiaYehoshua Levi, Mading Deng: Israel, SudanDavid Rasool: South AfricaJohn Smith: The United StatesManute Badha: SudanAssefa Menelik: EthiopiaRonaldo DaCosta: BrasilChaiim Cohen: IsraelPedro Lopez: CubaJuan Sanchez: ColombiaKaes Lichtveldt: The NetherlandsFrancois DuBois: FranceCharles Shaw: Great BritainAbebe Mariam: EthiopiaMaria Garcia: ColombiaRachel Levi: IsraelFatima Ahmed: SudanJennifer Johnson: The United StatesAnna DeVries: The NetherlandsAyali Lopez: CubaMarie Martin: FranceElizabeth Williams: South AfricaClaudia DaSilva: BrasilEdward Tennyson: Great BritainMading Deng: SudanYehoshua Levi: IsraelPedro Molne: CubaKaes Jansen: The NetherlandsRonaldo DeCosta II: BrasilJoe Johnson: The United States
“Passing” examines how nationality affects the perception of identity. It also examines the power of identity documents and the role they play in giving people access to the various resources of our “global society”. I am questioning how perception and pre-conceived notions change in accordance to nationality. Furthermore, how does perception of a certain nationality change according to race and gender?